Fifa 14 ios ultimate team error

Introduction to FUT 14 Connections Problems

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FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Web App

Just remember to login with your new account details next time. The majority of banned or suspended accounts are only suspended temporarily. Find more information about the length of your suspension by checking the email address associated with your account. If you turn off your Xbox, Playstation while logged into FUT, or if your console crashes, you must wait for your session to time out before being allowed to log in on the web.

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You will then be able to immediately log into your FUT Web account. Try re-booting your phone first, or switching to Airplane mode and turning it off before starting the game to see if this resolves the issue. Otherwise, contact EA Support Center.

As you may imagine, the problem is in your connection. Do not blame EA Sports by everything. Check your firewall status inside the game and follow the instructions of THIS guide.

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If you are having trouble running the game on your PC, check that your Graphics card has the most recent drivers installed, make sure that you have the latest version of DirectX installed on your system, check that you have the latest Service Pack and Windows Updates installed for your operating system including the optional updates such as. If after the most recent FIFA 14 game update you are still experiencing crashes or freezes, use the Repair Install function in Origin see the following picture.

Update the game. Rename your PC name or your Windows user name by following the two solutions provided below:. If your PC name contains special characters, please rename your PC name. To do so, click on the Start button and follow the below instructions:. Then, change the computer name and reboot your computer to ensure the changes take effect.

Verify if your FIFA 14 config. If this is the case, follow the instructions below carefully. As this process is a bit more complicated, if your Windows username contains special characters, you will not need to rename it but simply add a new username. Click on the Start button. Once you tried the above solution, try to login with this new Windows user account. If you do not have the Origin icon on your desktop, please reinstall the clients on this new Windows session.


If you are experiencing this problem, follow the steps below to resolve your issue:. Once the update has been downloaded and applied, continue to the main menu. Once you reach the menu, quit the game and navigate back to the Dashboard. From the dashboard, click on My Xbox. Select System Settings. Select Storage. Highlight Hard Drive Device. Fifa 14 is still werking on iOS 7, on EA forums people say that the servers are online. I have paid 4,49 for the game. Or is there a workarrond?

EA forum: Unfortunately, when the iOS breaks an app, it's up to the app developer to make their app work with the iOS. In this case Fifa needs to fix their app. Sep 23, 7: Please refer: This is just a user to user forum. Apple isn't here. What you're wanting is beyond any of us users doing. Sep 29, 8: Jul 27, For players having difficulties connecting to on line play or to other players in FIFA 14 it is likely that they need to open, or forward, their on line ports. If you are experiencing connectivity issues with FUT 14, and you have exhausted all basic connection troubleshooting, such as clearing cache, adjusting privacy settings, or disabling firewalls, you may need to follow these instructions to learn how to open the router or gateway ports:.

Who have XBox Live should check if the following ports are open: If your router is new, you may not have to do this process. We leave this tip to the end because it has a major drawback: But at least, you will play perfectly. Network address translation NAT is the process of modifying IP address information in IP packet headers while in transit across a traffic routing device.

A modem that has a router built in is always a solution to avoid. It will avoid many router problems, as the ones that happens when it does not save the open ports changes. To learn how to configure a NAT type 1 connection follow these steps:. On the XBox Every time you turn on the console, you must turn off the Internet in router step 1.

Every time you disconnect the console, you must connect the Internet back in the router in order to have it on other devices. If none of the previous nine tips have helped you, please contact your Internet Service Provider. Expose the problem and ask for help. Request a firmware update for your router or a switch to other equipment. If the problem persists, consider changing to another ISP. Before you do, try to talk to other players and analyse the feedback that they give you about other ISPs. It is not the perfect solution but, if playing FUT 14 is really important to you, it may be the only one.

And Ping Timeout should be? I have a solid and wired internet connection on my PS3, the ps3 is directly connected with the modem and there is no UPnP possible and i have NAT type 2 and all ports are open. What can i do? Ask to EA Support , for example. Whenever I change players in my squad it comes for me a message tells that their is an erorr while at the console I am using when any other profile edit his squad it works normally. Contact the EA Support please.

Fix Fifa 14 Android Origin is not available & Service not available

I am usually facing a proplem when i play ultimate team. After match usually have message we are sorry we have problem on ultimate teame server. I lose too much coins coz of that problem.. Plz help. First of all you should check your connection. If you play on a console you should make sure that your NAT is open for multiplayer games. Our suggestion is to reinstall the app. You can also contact the EA Support. To the mobile device it is even harder. Some of these steps can be applied to mobile devices too. Try to google it. I tried to use NAT 1, but when I disconnected my router according to step 1, it automatically re-connect itself.

I do not know how to stop my modem router from doing that. Could you please suggest a way to prevent this issue? It depends of the router model.

FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Help: Troubleshooting Guide to the Most Common Problems

Try to check the manual of your router. I suggest to contact the EA Support. Check HERE how to do it. I play ultimate team fifa14 on iPad. Many times, I have observed the connection is lost I make sure that I am connected well to the internet many a times when the score reads or between me and the opponent, and then it forfeits the match on me. If someone quits then it stands good.

Why should I be losing without playing the complete game because of a poor connection with opponent? I have never won a match like this. Every time the connection is lost, I lose the game. Is there a solution available for this problem? For example, have you opened the router ports to play FIFA? Check the steps of this guide, please. Any idea why its actually only at online games it suddenly says ur LAN-cable have been disc?

NEVER at anything else eg. I have played u-team many times on my android tablet , but I have got a problem now. I reinstalled the fifa 14 program. See HERE how to do it. Hi,i sell an item for 2. Check it HERE. When i try to buy players and contracts on transfer window, game throws me out and says that theres some kind of problem to connect in easports.

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What should i do? I can not play fut Best choice players. My question is: Sometimes i even use my iPhone personal hotspot to connect. Thank you! You need to check how strong the signal is on your PS3. If you have a router or something, try to open the ports.