Android metro black theme for go launcher ex

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  1. The details of Android Metro Black Theme APK:
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Digital Millennium Copyright Act. Once you have mixture of theme icons and default app icons with longer titles, these two blocks looks bit misplaced. Download WP7Blue theme. Is there any Blackberry fan boy reading this article? Well, Bberry theme would perfectly fit you because icons inside this theme are almost identical to the one which are found on Blackberry devices.

The details of Android Metro Black Theme APK:

Combination of green and blue color in background wallpaper is appealing. Download Bberry theme. We all know that Android 3. With this Honeycomb theme for Go Launcher Ex, you would be able to taste its icon set and background wallpaper on your Android smartphone. There are two versions available in Google Play store.


Download Honeycomb. Music theme for Go Launcher Ex features blue colored neon icons on top of circuitry blue wallpaper.

Apex+GO Launchers Theme Galaxy S3 Note2 Black Android

If any of the app icons are missing, it will use default icon template to fit custom app icon onto it. Screen indicator icon is replaced with tiny music icon. Download Music theme.

Theme Windows Black GoLauncher

This theme mainly uses linear neon lights icons with concise dark blue colored wallpaper. Blue colored shaded dock at the bottom features 5 items with beautiful colorful icons. The integration is so deep that swiping rightward slides in Google New itself.

One of the interesting features of Google Experience launchers is the ability to trigger voice search in Google Now by simply saying OK Google while on any of your home screens, without even needing to touch the phone. For more information, download link and installation instruction, proceed to our coverage of the Google Experience Launcher. However, above, you can see some of the features of Apex launcher in action. The above image is a mashup of three images to show two context menus and a widget being resized, all in one image.

It is not actually possible to actually do this all at once, as bringing up another menu will hide the previously visible one. If we get into detailing every single option Apex offers, this post will probably end up being all about Apex. This nifty launcher has almost everything one can want from a conventional-style Android launcher. Up to 9 home screens with customizable grid sizes, customizable folders, eye-catching transition effects, fully customizable app drawer with a separate tab for your downloaded apps, custom gestures for double-tapping, swiping upwards or downwards, double-tapping, tapping and holding or even tapping the home button…and the list just goes on and on.

The dock is scrollable, with support for up to 7 icons per dock page and a maximum of 5 dock pages, giving you a maximum of 35 icons in the dock alone. And you get to have control over the display of all the cosmetic effects like the horizontal line above the dock icons, the home screen and dock scrolling indicators etc.. A great benefit of tapping gestures on devices lacking hardware buttons like Galaxy Nexus is being able to double-tap in the empty area on any home screen to get the conventional launcher menu for instant access to settings and other useful shortcuts.

And yes, even that menu is fully customizable. And surprisingly, despite all these options, configuring it is a breeze, unlike some other launchers like ADW. Launcher that intimidate many users with the plethora of options they provide. Once you are done customizing it, you can save your settings as well as home screen layouts to SD card so that if you end up messing around with more options than you wanted to, getting back to your perfect layout and settings would always be just a few taps away. Furthermore, there is an option to show or hide the status bar using a swipe gesture, but no such option is available to show or hide the dock bar using a similar gesture.

Install Apex Launcher. Another one based on the stock AOSP Launcher, Nova is the main competitor to Apex in this class, offering plenty of customization options while staying true to the look and feel of stock launcher. There is a free version as well as a paid one, and as always, we will be featuring only the free version here.

Entri Populer

Like other stock-based launchers, in terms of looks, Nova also seems identical to the stock launcher, with enhancements added on top. It can be extremely hard to choose between Apex and Nova, as both offer a vastly similar feature set, with subtle differences here and there. A few really handy features such as gesture support are available for free in Apex, while they require the paid variant when it comes to Nova. On the other hand, Nova offers the ability to add, remove or organize home screens from the preview mode.

We suggest you try out both of these and see for yourself which suits you best. Install Nova Launcher. Download Trebuchet Launcher. Despite being a relatively newer entrant in the launcher scene compared to ADW. Launcher and LauncherPro, GO Launcher EX has evolved over time to emerge on top of all the competitors in its category, and for good reason.

Launcher and LauncherPro, each of which had their paid versions that added additional features to the free ones. While they did have several common features, there were still many features unique to each that set them apart from each other. GO Launcher EX appears to have been built with one purpose — bringing the best features of the full, paid versions of both of these launchers under one app, enhancing them even further, adding a lot of polish to it, and giving it to us for free!

With GO Launcher EX, you can customize your dock with up to 15 apps, five of which are shown at a time and more can be revealed by swiping left or right on the dock. The theming engine is the most complete that we have seen in any Android launcher, essentially theming the entire look and feel of the home screen and the app drawer, rather than merely the dock and icons on it. GO Launcher EX is as good as any conventional style Android launcher can get, and should be the launcher of choice for most users running Gingerbread or earlier.

Brought to you by the same developers as obvious from the name , the tablet version of GO Launcher aims to be what GO Launcher EX has become for phones, and judging from the initial releases, that stage might not be too far. Several key features of GO Launcher EX are currently under development for GO Launcher HD, including theming support, shortcut context menus and some more advanced customization options.

Apart from the stock AOSP launcher and perhaps Nova with all its animations turned off, most other launchers we have seen above have one drawback — on older and low-end devices, none of them exactly runs buttery smooth. When it comes to the stock Gingerbread launcher, while it runs smooth as silk on even older and low-end hardware, it has absolutely zero customization options. FTL Launcher Lite fills the middle ground. Based on the source code of the Android 2.

As you can see above, it has just the right set of features that are available in many full-featured launchers, without getting everything but the kitchen sink crammed into it. This results in a more-or-less full-featured launcher with virtually no lag, even on low-end devices. You must be wondering why we are reviewing two launchers together as one.

The reason is that these two are essentially the same, developed by the same team but released under different names and for different markets in the Play Store. They take the conventional concept of side-scrolling home screens with apps and widgets and add a twist, by splitting the interface into two panes stacked one above the other. The upper pane holds your widgets, while the lower one provides you access to all your apps in a tabbed view for easy organization.

The theming support is one of the best features, and there is an option to shake your phone to randomly select a new look. We recently wrote about Mobo Launcher in detail, and that review should apply to both these launchers. Before you decide to install them though, there are a few things you should know.

2 Metro Style themes | Android Development and Hacking

Currently though, Hi Launcher should be the one to go for. One of the must-try launchers for everyone before you decide which one to stick to. This launcher has been designed with attention to detail, despite there being little-to-no attention to customization options. While most of the available themes are paid, there are a few excellent free ones around too. Many themes come with live backgrounds that are a bit like Live wallpapers, with their own cool animation effects.

While being your regular side-scrolling conventional launcher in most aspects, Nemus has unique feature that sets it apart from the rest of the bunch: