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I have read technical bits about xperia TX and T and it' It may result into system overload which may lead to bloated battery. In some cases battery explodes together with the phone. Can someone solve this puzzle for me. I am aware T's battery is better but there are other aspects like 10 point multi touch capacitative screen for TX which boosts it ahead of T. If I am put in a test to pick one of the two on the basis of superiority which one would you advise me to take? My fone is not playing music for the speaker and if you put it ear fone it will be playing like sometin that creaking I dont know whats is the problem please can someone help me out please.

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My sony tx still functioning till no. But the prob is the battery. Can someone suggest me where to buy ori battery.

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Online or walk in phone store area selangor. How does it perform by today's standards? Change your battery now. Anonymous, 26 Aug Kindly give us the link. AnonD, 26 Aug hi all.. TX work fine Giga, 05 Oct Im using this phone for almost 3 yrs.. Xperia TX Lt29i is a fantastic phone. I like its design and its display is one of the best. The Xperia T is a modest improvement over Sony's older phones.

It has a great display, but rivals still offer better battery life and higher-quality design.

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  7. Sony has continued to skip the glossy finish, and our fingertips couldn't be happier. When we were first introduced to it, the Xperia T was shaping up to be a quite the looker, but when we pulled it out of its box, we found it a little bit It weighs in at grams about 4. The screen connects to a glossy plastic frame, while the back and the majority of the sides have a matte finish. Yep, Sony has continued to skip the glossy finish, and our fingertips couldn't be happier. Due to that Xperia Arc -inspired curvature, the phone is easier to grasp than you might expect from a device packing a 4.

    The way the screen portion of the side curves back inwards makes it easier to grasp than the smaller Xperia S.

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    Sony Xperia T review: a new 4.6-inch smartphone flagship that isn't quite new enough

    While it's been a matter of months since the company's last flagship arrived, button locations and access panels have changed, correcting some criticisms we've had with several of Sony's phones so far this year. Even on the Xperia S, we never understood why Sony would cover up a port that could be used daily. The buttons have also been transplanted -- all are now located along the right edge. Below the single flush cover for the micro-SIM and microSD cards, there's the power button, volume rocker and two-stage camera button -- all solidly constructed.

    The camera button requires a gentle touch to focus, while a hard-press will launch the camera app from standby. There's no removable cover, making the phone feel solid in our hands, although perhaps lacking the premium materials of other high-priced rivals. There's a megapixel rear-facing camera, while the front-facing sensor captures 1. With Sony's Exmor R Sensor, the primary shooter can record up to p video and is accompanied by an LED flash and mono speaker that's inconveniently placed where your fingers are likely to grip the phone.

    Otherwise, the speaker itself is sufficiently loud, with some distortion at top volume. The Xperia T's NFC credentials mean it can also relinquish audio responsibilities to Sony's recently announced speaker range. If you like what Sony's been offering on the Xperia S and Ion , you'll find the Xperia T performs just as well -- but bigger. The viewing angles appear identical to the Xperia S, meaning they're pretty damn good.

    We'd also like to mention here that those on-screen keys give the Xperia T a far more up-to-date air than its predecessors -- Sony's catching up. With the likes of Spotify and Amazon, we're still not seeing much to draw us into yet another eco-system wanting our credit card digits. The Xperia T comes with a manufacturer-tinged version of Android 4.

    Sony Xperia TX - Android Authority

    This time around, the phone has onscreen buttons instead of capacitive keys, but on first appearances the UI appears very similar to the Xperia S. This entails a sizable collection of Xperia widgets, with plenty pointing to Sony's homegrown software and services. Extending from a social feed to Music Unlimited, we started to re-purpose those homescreens immediately, clearing out the majority of them. Sony isn't only going up against Google's own content store, but with the likes of Spotify and Amazon, and we're still not seeing much to draw us into yet another ecosystem wanting our credit card digits.

    There are also a lot of apps packed into the app drawer that are best left untouched. An EA games hub teases the likes of Dead Space and Need For Speed , but after tapping through, you'll be informed that none of the games listed are currently, at least supported on the Xperia T. The PlayNow hub does offer compatible games, but the quality will soon push you back to Google's richer games selection. Zombies are fully working.

    'Pokémon Go' update gives Android gamers an AR portrait mode

    However, these are both still available through Google Play The onscreen multitasking button not only throws up shortcuts to currently running apps, but also shortcuts to calculators, timers and a memo-taking function. Sony's calling these "small apps" and there's a shortcut to install more of them in Google Play -- although there's nothing to download from there yet.

    For anyone who lives surrounded by Bravia TVs and Sony Blu-ray players , the Media Controller looks like a welcome addition, offering to transfer remote capabilities to your smartphone, although we didn't have a compatible set to put it through its paces. A Movie Studio app comes pre-baked on the Xperia T, offering up some lightweight tools to chop up those home movies, while Smart Connect gives the user a lightweight interpretation of Motorola's Smart Actions -- we took to using the night setting almost immediately.

    Unlike Smart Actions, these are partially limited by what you can link to the phone; "night" will switch the phone to silent and start up the alarm app when the device is charging and it's some time between 10 PM and 7 AM. These timings can be changed, and you can set other apps to launch when the phone is connected to headsets, chargers and other compatible hardware. But compared to Motorola's attempt, it's all a bit limited. Sony has kept the camera unit recessed, meaning it thankfully dodges hard surfaces and finger smudges. The sensor is a minor bump up from the That is, a lot of our shots looked sharp and in focus on the screen but were often mired in noise when it came to focusing in.

    Low light performance illustrated this much more, but we found our photo files were compressed to the same extent on the S model. You can adjust exposure, ISO, metering and white balance, and even adjust how the settings are displayed in the camera UI. The camera rockets into action from the physical button or even from the lock screen, although you have the option of capturing or focusing from either the touchscreen or the physical controls. The video sample embedded below demonstrates a good autofocus experience, and the image stabilization option does does a good job of mitigating any shakiness.

    Again, you'll get a very similar experience from Sony's other recent smartphones. That 4. In summary, it delivered a middle-of-the-road showing. We got just under six hours of constant video playback, WiFi and 3G enabled regularly polling Twitter and our email.

    Root Xperia TX Jelly Bean

    Sure, that's incrementally higher than the Xperia S, but given its non-removable nature, we were never quite confident that the Xperia T would go the distance.