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  • Rescue the Pets in This Addictive Puzzle Adventure!!

I also think adding a collection system would be a great rewards as in Candy Crush Saga, players can collect sugar drops and they receive rewards such as gold bars and other rewards. I think a similar system would be an extremely helpful way of earning gold bars and other rewards in Pet Rescue Saga. Please come up with a version of this game where gold bars are earned as rewards for completing goals. Maybe daily quests could be added to the next version of this game and gold bars could be given as a reward. Otherwise this is one of my absolute favorite games.

Pet Rescue Saga

Thanks King for this amazing game. I can complete the level successfully multiple times, but the next level never unlocks. Frustrating but I have learned to just ignore those side quests. Literally just glitch right out of existence. Words cannot describe how frustrating a level becomes because the glitch never happens on a level where I get more pets to make up for the missing one.

Not the end of the world but definitely ruined the round I was playing when I first found out. Oh well. Really fun game but every time you turn around it's trying to charge you for something.

Download Pet Rescue Saga APK for Android - free - latest version

It gives you quest to complete and promises rewards but when you complete the quest, it expects you to pay to be able to collect the rewards. It also hardly gives you any power ups and charges you so many coins in order to buy just one which takes forever to save enough up just for one and the rest must be bought with gold bars which are hardly ever given to you. So that means you have to spend forever on just one harder level. The current level I am on I have went through around 30 some lives already and still stuck on it.

I'm fixing to delete the game and would not recommend it to anyone. I only gave it two stars because of the fact that it is a fun game, it is just a major rip off.

King Games - Terms of Use

App Store Preview. This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices. Screenshots iPhone iPad. Get your paints ready for this colourful celebration! Grab your pumpkin, your treat bag and try this new release! The only time of the year when vegetables and pets are smiling together! The night is dark but the Moon is shining bright.

New challenge awaits! The Moon has eaten so many rice cakes it's now full!


Music and snacks every night in the new update! Owls do their partying during the day! Make sure you have your baskets ready for some wonderful treats! How do the pets stay healthy? They Egg-ercise. Grab a four leaf clover and come and join the fun in this new update!

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Good luck! These goals and targets keep the game interesting, level after level, while also adding extra challenge to this otherwise straightforward puzzler. There are cool power-ups like rockets, hammers and color popping balloons that make it easier to rack up the points in this game. Pet Rescue Saga gives players a few to try for free, and then the power-ups are available in the shop for purchase.

These power-ups are helpful, but are by no means necessary. You are free to spend as much or as little as you like on this game. The graphics in this game are bright, colorful and fun, making the puzzles really come to life in the palm of your hand. The background music is also well suited to the game, setting the stage for an enjoyable gameplay experience, every time. This game is meant to be played with friends. Go head-to-head with your buddies by connecting the game to Facebook! You can view the standings on the leaderboards and pit yourself against the high scores of your friends.

You can also enlist the help of your pals by asking for lives. Just make sure to return the favor when the time comes! Dave Galvin is a freelance writer and avid gamer. Somehow, he managed to find a way to combine the two passions. Matching puzzle games are a dime-a-dozen these days, especially in the world of mobile gaming. While a lot of developers are smart enough to add one little unique twist to the mix, they are all still the same basic game at heart. On the plus side, it handles things with a lot more polish and friendliness.

The puzzles are in general more challenging and varied than Bejeweled, but the difficulty curve is much smoother than Candy Crush Saga. The presentation of Pet Rescue Saga is pretty decent overall. While the visuals may not be the most technically-impressive or mind-boggling things out there, they accomplish what they set out to do. More impressively, every puzzle is solved against a lovely background that changes every few levels. Nothing about the game looks bland. The animals that you set out to rescue are well-rendered and decently-animated.

It might seem a little saccharine to some people, but the animals do look adorably helpless. They're all very unique-looking, have a good amount of personality infused into their little sprites, and you might feel nice for rescuing them from the evil Pet Snatchers. The basic idea behind Pet Rescue Saga is simple. You need to group assorted stacks of blocks together into matching sets before getting rid of them. In this way, a good deal of spatial awareness is needed if you want to get anywhere.

It sounds easy on paper, but these games are always designed to throw curveballs at you to make things even more interesting. For instance, this game does not shy away from obstacles. There are locked boxes that will impede falling blocks until a key is dropped right onto them. Some levels will attempt to mess you up by raising the columns every turn.

Also available in other platforms

Bubble Shooter Cutesy bubble-bursting fun on your Android device. Toy Blast The ultimate matching puzzle game with unique gameplay! Download Pet Rescue Saga 1. Free Download for Android. User reviews about Pet Rescue Saga Review. Laws concerning the use of this software vary from country to country. We do not encourage or condone the use of this program if it is in violation of these laws. Don't leave without your download! Pet Rescue Saga Save animals using a popular game genre.

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