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If your TV is newer, you can try the built in screen mirroring option on your S7.

Amazon Prime Video for Android - Download

I believe you should have an option to enable Smart View from your notification bar. Thanks for a whole lot of nothing amazon. It cast fine, and even the screen controls while the video was playing appeared on my TV screen, but the video picture and audio refused to cast. Or you could download the chrimecast app from the Apple Store.

Audio will play, but no video. The screen just displays the Amazon video controls, no content. I have the same issue tonight with my Nexus 5X — only audio, no video. However it USED to work. It mirrors my phone right up to the moment that the video starts playing. BTW can cast from my laptop to chromecast perfectly.

I believe Amazon has a hard-on for Google or vice versa. It is all Amazon fault. Google cast api are freely available for anyone interested in making a service chromecast ready. This is bad workaround. You can stream game like this if you want but the results is always poor. This article is a lost of time. Amazon should make her application compatible no reel workaround exist presently. I was looking forward to watching Sneaky Pete on Amazon Prime. I tried the method recommended in this article with my Samsung galaxy S7 and also had only Audio and no video. So i gave up and cancelled my Introductory Amazon Prime subscription.

Opinions about Amazon Prime Video

This is misleading. Having to use cast screen , rather then being able to cast right from the Amazon Prime app itself results in a substantial lowering in picture quality. You would be better off purchasing content from Itunes, Google Play, Netflix or other service apps that are chromecast compatible. Regardless of the legality of illegality of Amazon childish behaviour towards Google it is nevertheless extremely bad business practice to close off and punish a vast potential market for your product just because of your hanklings with a competitor of another of your product streams.

Thats not working Galaxy S8.

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If I start a Trailer, evrything is fine, but if i start watching a movie I have got only the sound on my TV and a black screen. Christ learn how to do a youtube vudeo Your sound is missing the phone isnt in the centre of your screen impossible to follow. But it only seems to share the audio. They do this because they want you to buy a Fire TV. Crashes my phone every time you imbecile.

This will be limited to whatever video format your phone supports, in my case p, so that means no 4K content on my 4K chromecast TV. Also it will drain the heck out of your battery since all content is being streamed to your mobile device first, then streamed back out of the device to the chromecast perhaps being decoded and reencoded in the process. Not an optimal solution. It might not even work, or it may stutter if your wifi bandwidths are already used for other purposes in the home.

Please do the right thing Amazon. Does not work anymore!!

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Prime video app will still show the overlay on tv like the play controls and menus, but the video is black. So stupid. Now the only way is to cast a tab from chrome desktop. I just started my 7 day free trial of Amazon Prime. I was completely dumbfounded when I could not find a cast option in the app. This is the most pathetic thing I have seen a company the size and reputation of Amazon do. Sorry Amazon I have cancelled my free trial because I cannot use your useless pathetic app. Good Bye. Whenever I cast to my television, the video connection with Chromecast drops, cuts out, and basically stops working.

They block it again now, after your done watching for the night. Next time you open, its blocked. Casting from the movie player window cast icon in from the movie player screen , the picture and audio remains in sync. Amazon and google should sort thier differences out on this issue. Especially Amazon. Netflix is growing and works perfectly with chromecast. Fire stick is a useless lagfest.

Just let us Chromecast already. Prime Video is anyway worth nothing. Everything what could be interesting must be extra payed. Almost everything what is free can be watched on other services.

Loads of movies and shows to stream

So, unless you are big fan of few prime originals that they doing — I would suggest to cancel subscription. Other cons of: You cant let children control app freely because there is extra payed content, so they can order something in your name and you will have to pay for it. You cant have multi-user account — with separate username and preferences for each family member. Does they assume you are single person and have no children — or your content must be mixed with cartoons? For my family personally its a pity that there is no other languages to chose, but English.

No audio, nor subtitles in other languages, while in Netflix probably half of content is multilingual — so we can set audio in one language and subs in another and two people with different mother tongues can watch one show together. In android app option there is switch that suggest it. Library itself is based on the same stupid idea as in Netflix — so impossible to find just list of titles that you can sort by names or date of release.

Im not saying that suggestions are wrong, but I would like to be able to track what is really new. Anyway Im sure I cancel amazon prime and problem with linking with chromecast or any other device will gone. There appears to be some sort of block preventing a picture from being cast. The audio is. The best thing is I tried it on the grand tour. Then I tried it on a different video. Which played, perfectly, an advert for the grand tour, before refusing to play the 2nd video. Step 3 — Watch an Amazon Prime video Now that you are successfully casting your screen to your Chromecast, you are ready to start watching an Amazon Prime Instant Video.

How to disable and uninstall Microsoft Silverlight January 10, Exactly the same issue with me. Someone please help! Did you ever have the option to cast your screen? Not all phones have this capability. According to Google, you need to have 4. What phone do you have? I have an Android — Samsung Galaxy S4. Have you checked to make sure the Chromecast app is up to date on your phone?

Yes, I specifically checked that. Did your phone get updated to Lollipop recently? You need 4. Did you receive the update to Lollipop on your phone? If you did, is this method working now? Like I said, I have version 4. Apparently Verizon is not yet pushing 5. H Martin. I tried bit no luck k from desktop, the frame was there but the video content missing.

Rick Summers. Works great but no audio on tab or tv samsung 8. A gruffin. Kat Connors. Amazon refuses to develop their app. Jack Splat. Which is exactly why Hulu and Netflix are huge and most people are unaware of Amazon videos. Seth Miller. Kristin Pieters. Stephen Weatherby. Toys Samurai. Actually, nope. Amazon changed that policy probably shortly after you posted that comment. Allan Edwin. Netflix works flawlessly with chro ecast. Chris W. Google and Amazon need to get over this childless behavior of not sharing each others app. This should be considered illegal. They can sell whatever they want.

Kevin Roth. Alexis Williams. Sam Spade. Daniel Kenline. Richard Harris. Andrew Rose jr. Ron Kennedy. I cant seem to find the correct Amazon prime App to download…can anyone help me out?. Audra Packard Cate. Tom Levine. Works fine with a laptop windows 10 but too choppy using Android. Deplorable Me. Simon Parker.

You're paying for Prime; get the movies you want on your Android!

Neither download links work for me. How do I do this successfully? Samsung S7. Andrew Keller. What is ironic is Netflix fully support Google Cast on its site. Amazon is full of shit. This no longer works. If your try the above steps, the screen goes blank. Account Options Sign in. Top Charts. New Releases. Add to Wishlist.

Customers in India can enjoy hundreds of Bollywood and regional hits. Select titles are available to download at no additional charge.

Watch anywhere, anytime

App features: First Episode Free videos include advertising before and during your videos. Only pay for the channels you want, no cable required, cancel anytime. Reviews Review Policy.

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