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Getting unlimited lives in Candy Crush Saga Game is like a dream come true. Candy Crush Saga is an awesome and addictive game that is popular among the people of all ages. But sometimes I get frustrated about this game when my friends ask me for lives again and again. So I searched out other ways of getting lives. There are maximum 4 ways to get lives in Candy Crush Saga Game. Asking the friends on facebook for extra lives is the second option. This is why it is done, to let more and more people know about the app. Not only the Candy Crush Saga Game but almost all the apps and games on facebook use this technique.

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But there is a trick to get maximum possible lives at a time by asking friends. When you ask your friends to get lives, only select maximum five people at a time. No matter how much lives you get from these five friends, maybe not a single one. If you get lives then consume them all and after that again ask five friends and continue this way. This is because you get only five lives at a time and if you get more, those will be wasted. The third way is to buy the lives from store.

Well, I think you will not prefer this way. Talha Javaid An aspiring and young blogger from Pakistan.

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  • 2. Ask Friends.

For Candy Crush addicts, this is time wasted not playing the game and we are not having it! We have found a way to get unlimited candy crush lives. Once your five lives have been lost in the first browser tab there will be an extra life to use in each of the other browser tabs. To get extra lives for candy crush on your Kindle, iPhone, iPad, or Android device all you have to do is go into your settings on your device and change your clock. So move your clock an hour forward and go back to the game. You will notice that you have a few more lives.

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Candy Crush Saga. Learn more. Learn more Method 1. Use your remaining lives.

How to get UNLIMITED lives in Candy Crush Saga!

Don't have any friends online to give you lives? No worries! You can trick your phone into thinking you've earned your lives. Just play until you're out of lives like you normally would. Change the time on your mobile phone. By tricking your phone into thinking that its later, Candy Crush will replenish your lives as if the time had past. Move the time forward three hours to be safe.

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Return to Candy Crush Saga. Just let the game load, but don't start playing. You will be setting your date and time back to the regular time. You just need to let Candy Crush load so that it applies your lives. Make sure to wait a minute or two.

4 Ways To Get Lives In Candy Crush Saga Game

Change the time back. Go back to the Settings menu on your device and turn the automatic time and date setting back on. Play Candy Crush Saga.